Under Mediaxyz Network, PT Fortuna Prima Indonesia is an integrated marketing communications and consultant company.

For companies to remain competitive and continue to lead the industries, we learn that many business leaders with deep foresight and imagination seem to always have the courage to blend in “creatity” as the crucial element of success.

In such extent, it has made us believe that we shall continue to explore and implement creativity in any possible grounds, areas and opportunities.

Though we believe that “strategy” must always preceed “creativity”, the implementation of each marketing activity must be able to ignite and stimulate response from the earlier stage.

Thus we take pride to accept the role as the professionals who shall help to priovide our clients with “creative” stimulations before and while the actual social intercourse with the consumers take place.

Yet we have endeavoured to be open-minded and flexible in response to each project briefed and required from our team. Whether it is a one-off single and tactical promotion or a more holistic and thematic campaign. Our services and teams’ expertise cover the following areas ; Event & Brand Acvitation, Creative, Interior & Exhibition Contractor.

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